Camera, tripod, microphone and lighting available for recording sessions on-site or live streaming

Video Editing

High performance non-lineal video editing station and motion graphics software with storage for HD or 4K

3D Sequences

Titles, elements or escenarios ideal for opening ceremonies, intro/outro for videos and more.

Grant’s Foodie Fix.

Featuring menu related items in clients restaurantes and post producing videos of 1 min length for instagram.

Tommy Macs Mobile Marketing.

Interviews on-site about business success and post producing infomercials of 7 min length for websites, TV or social media.

Jacksonville Armada

Full games with live score graphics, announcer and play-by-play headsets, live taped or live streaming to social media. Plus highlights clips for social media.

Jacksonville Sports Central

Live taped pilot for live audience Facebook show, with announcer, host and guest. Creation of marketing material and 30 seconds ads for social media.